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About us

Greenroom Research is a for-profit subsidiary of Indoc Research. Indoc, itself a not-for profit, focuses its efforts primarily in the academic research and government space. Greenroom was created to explore the commercialization of Indoc’s cutting-edge bioinformatics data solutions and explore their application to new sectors and user groups. 

Indoc's vision is a future comprised of sustainable health data ecosystems that advance our understanding of human health and disease, see how Greenroom supports this.


Shahab Shahnazari - CEO

Shahab is Senior Director, Informatics Programs at Indoc Research and is responsible for product and partnership development activities. Prior to joining Indoc, Shahab was with MaRS Discovery District where he led teams focused on engaging the global community in identifying, testing and implementing novel products that address systemic innovation gaps and needs.

He holds a B.Sc. in biochemistry from McMaster University and a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of Toronto.


Ken Evans - Director

Ken is President and CEO of Indoc Research since its inception in 2005. Dr. Evans has over 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, during which he led global drug development programs in a number of therapeutic areas. Dr. Evans has been instrumental in the start-up and implementation of several major collaborative (industry/academia) research initiatives, including collaborative projects aimed at refining diagnostic definitions, and at predicting drug/placebo response.

Dr. Evans has also been involved in a number of translational biomarker research projects, including the use of imaging for the purpose of predicting drug response and various proteomic and genomic biomarker discovery and development programs in cancer. Dr. Evans holds an Associate Professorship in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Queen's University and is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.


Moyez Dharsee - Director

Moyez is responsible for overseeing operations, architecture, teams and partnerships for research data platforms and systems developed by Indoc. Previously, he co-founded a bioinformatics consulting firm and worked in biotech developing systems for data management and analysis of complex mass spectrometry and proteomics datasets in support of early-stage biomarker research.


Moyez made his start in a bioinformatics lab designing distributed algorithms for biological sequence analysis and protein folding. He manages to take out some time for a little sailing and volunteering in the local community.

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